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Diagnostic Kits
One-Step hCG Pregnancy Tests

75 Kit Dipstick Urine Test. Exceptional sensitivity, rapid test for detection of human choriconic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine for early pregnancy.

# OS100-75


Price : $44.99

Urine hCG Pregnancy Tests

40 test kits/box; test uses a monoclonal antibody specific to hCG in a one-step procedure. (Others utilize polyclonal antibody that lack specificity.) Test accurately detects hCG level in urine.

  • One test cassette and disposable pipette in each kit.
  • Requires no instruction or refrigeration

# OS101-25


Price : $37.50

Urine/Serum hCG Pregnancy Tests

The Pregnancy Combo Test provides fast and easy interpretation of hCG in human urine or serum for the early detection of pregnancy.

  • One test cassette and disposable pipette in each kit.
  • Requires no instruction or refrigeration

# OS102


Price : $0.00

Rapid-View H.Pylori Tests

25/kit, Most accurate rapid detection of H.Pylori in whole blood/serum or plasma Module. Single step qualitative immunoassay that is very simple to perform and requires no instrumentation or refrigeration.

  • Results in less than 10 min.

# HP100-25


Price : $75.00


100 dip-and-read reagent strips for urinalysis. Test for glucose, bilirubin, ketone, specific gravity, blood, PH, protein, urobiligogen, nitrite, leukocyte. "Can't lose" color chart is on the label.

  • Results in a minute or less
  • Helps to diagnose diabetic patients

# SG100-100


Price : $0.00


100 Urine Reagent Strips are high quality dip-and-read test strips that provide semi-quantitative tests that are easy to read in 30 to 60 seconds.

  • Test for Glucose / Protien in Urine

# SG2-25


Price : $12.99