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Disposable Products
Sterile Specimen Container

Polypropylene sterile cup container for clean specimen or sample collection

  • Durable, reusable
  • Graduated with tap prove cap
  • In packages of 100

# IDICT100


Price : $21.43

Latex Exam. Gloves

Powder Free, 100/Box, 10 Box/Case, Non-Sterile, Disposable latex gloves are produced using a chlorination process for better consistency, superior grip and comfort

Size L

# LMG100

Price : $6.00

Size XL

# LMG101

Price : $6.50

Size M

# LMG102


Price : $6.00

Size S

# LMG102

Price : $6.00

Head Caps (Nurse)

Surgical bouffant caps made of lightweight polypropylene breathable fabric for comfort, quality and economy.

  • Available in Blue, White, or Green

# IDIM1002


Price : $41.43

Head Cap (Doctor)

Surgical bouffant caps with elastic Strip to prevent escape of hair and dandruff.

# IDI1003


Price : $35.43

Nitrile Exam. Gloves

Features and Benefits:

  • Much softer and more elastic than other nitrile gloves without any latex additives
  • 100% latex free eliminates potential allergic reactions to natural latex protein
  • Textured surface provides strong grip for both wet and dry applications
  • Superior puncture, tear and chemical resistance with excellent tactile-sensitivity and dexterity
  • Beaded Cuff, Ambidextrous

Green, Powder Free, 100/Box, 10 box/case

Size L

# LMG1003

Price : $7.99

Size M

# LMG1003

Price : $7.99

Size S

# LMG1003

Price : $7.99

Mask With Ear Loops

Disposable face masks designed to filter out 99% of sub-micron particles. 200 masks per package.

  • Excellent splash resistance to increase your safety level during procedures that may create dangerous aerosols.

# IDIM1001


Price : $51.45

Shoe Covers
  • Skid-resistant shoecovers packaged 100 covers/pack
  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • sided by regular shoe sizes

# IDISC100


Price : $0.00

Inoculating Loops & Needles

Disposable inoculation loop and needle combination is used for isolation and inoculation of micro-organisms.

  • All Surfaces of this loop head are ultra smooth for easy streaking without damaging the agar surface
  • Accurately calibrated: 1µl loop

# INO100


Price : $3.75

Disposable Transfer Pippettes

these disposable pippettes are made of shatter proof polyethylene which is non-toxic. 7ml capacity, 500/box.

  • Available in a wide variety of styles, including graduated and plain
  • Available as sterile or non-sterile

# IDIDP100


Price : $16.43