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IMPACT has the best delivery in service.

Fast Delivery Time
With local delivery trucks, overnight air express and other rapid delivery services, IMPACT can deliver your culture media faster than other culture manufacturers and distributrors. Call us and find out how fast we really are.

No Minimum Order Requirment
You can order as little or as much as your budget allows. We will deliver to you as few as one or two microbiology culture plates or tubes. Now you can buy only as much as you really need--and save the rest. This is another commitment from Impact Diagnostic International as we strive to reduce cost for our customers.


Yes FREE Delivery in Los Angeles
IMPACT will deliver your microbiology culture media orders to local Los Angeles area facilities (within 60 miles from our facility) within four hours or less and charge you nothing. FREE. No cost to you. This rapid delivery time offers you significant savings in both time and money.