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Medical Equipment
Diagnostic Pen Lights

The essential tool for close observation.

Right: All metal pocket pen light with batteries in blister pack

# DP100

Price : $11.00

Center: Plastic pen light with clip for tongue depressor. Comes with batteries in blister pack.

# DP101

Price : $9.00

Left: Tough stainless steel pocket pen light with batteries and plastic case.


# DP102

Price : $12.50

Plastic Bandage by Dynarex

Sterile sheer plastic strip adhesive bandages are ideal for minor cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds. By Dynarex. Latex free, 100/box

# FAF100


Price : $2.99

1”x3” bandages

# FAF101


Price : $2.99

3/8”x1-1/2” bandages

# FAF102


Price : $3.15

1”x3” bandages

# FAF103


Price : $4.55

Safety Scalpel

Designed to minimize the procedure after use and during disposal

  • Stainless Steel
  • Sterile Blade with protective cover

# SS100

Price : $5.45

Blood Glucose Monitors

Blood meters are quick and easy to use, take smaller samples than ever before (little or no “prick” sensation at all), give immediate results. Allows diabetics to monitor their blood glucose as often as needed.

  • Battery operated
  • Patients can carry them where ever they go


Price : $54.95

Blood Glucose Monitors


Price : $65.00

Blood Glucose Monitors


Price : $59.95

Clinitek ® 50 Urine Chemistry Analyzer®

Reliable semiquantitative results analyzer in testing urine chemistry.
Reads reagant strip in 1 min. vs. 2min. Visual reading. Battery Pack (6 AA Batteries Included)

# CL101

Digital Ear Thermometer

This unique ear thermometer has one second temperatrue reading and a rotating probe tip for gentle operation

  • Auto shut off extends battery life
  • 20 disposable lens covers virtually eliminate cross contamination
  • Powered by 2 “AAA” Bateries
  • Probe cover included

# OTO1001

Price : $6.99

Percussion Hammer Set

Quality stainless steel tool set designed to last. Set contains cat. Nos. PHAM100, PNH101, PBPH102, BPH103, WPW104, and caring case

# DP100

Price : $11.00

Lancing device

Assist diabetes patients to monitor their glucose level easily, quickly and virtually without pain
• Designed with safety adjustable dial lancing depth

# LD1000

Price : $12.00

Disposable Lancets

Tiny sterile surgical steel lancets for major blood sampling devices. Available in quantities of 100 and 200.

# LD1001


Price : $10.95

Disposable Lancets

# LD1002


Price : $18.95

Lower Leg Exerciser

Gentle swinging motion increases circulation in lower leg area and massages Achilles tendons
Optional infrared, vibration, and heat available with adjustable hand control



Pocket Weight Scale

Light-weeight and durable, this handy scale is easy to use in measuring fruit, vegetables, and other items in stores or around the house, Novel design, quality appearance and convenient use makes it an ideal tool for every household and office.

# IDISC100

Price : $5.43

Compound Microscopes

Economically priced microscopes offer all the standard features. Highly durable mechanical elements feature a heavy metal frame and an all-metal focusing mechanism for a long-term use and reliability.

  • Four achromatic objectives: 100x oil-immersion, 40x, 10x, 4x.
  • Exceptional contrast and resolution.
  • Brilliant uniform illumination

# IDIM1001

Price : $550.99

Microscope Slides

IMPACT Gold Seal beveled micro slides with white writing surface. 72 slides in each box.

  • Frosted one end both slides
  • Smooth surface makes it easy to write on
  • 75 x 25 mm, 1 mm thick

# IDIMS100


Price : $2.20

Reusable, Durable Hot/Cold Pack

Approved Surgical and medical product makes the use of therapeutic heat and cold far more convenient, reliable and effective. Currently used in hospitals, sports medicine, home first aid, emergency care, industry and by veterinarians.

  • Reduces inflammatory swelling
  • Temporary relief of headache
  • Relieves pain caused by tooth ache
  • Reducing Fevers
  • This product is microwaveable and reusable

# DIAHC100

Price : $10.43

Digital Thermometers

Temperature-taking that is time-saving and convenient for both patient and medical staff. Digital Thermometers are accurate within 0.1?C, have easy-to-read displays, have long life (battery included), and are available with tough plastic cases. Special memory function holds the last read temperature in memory for comparison.

  • For oral and rectal use
  • Measures in Centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • Water proof with transparent shell
  • Thermometer beeps at the peak temperature for fast results and less waiting time.

General Use

# ODT100

Price : $6.99

Soft Tip

# ODT101

Price : $6.99

Hard Tip

# ODT102

Price : $6.99

Clip-On Pen Type

# ODT103

Price : $6.99

PH Meters (pocket testers)

1000 hour battery operated pH testers with range of -2.0 to 16.0 pH, resolution of ± 0.1 pH. Waterproof, 0-50?C (32 to 122?F)


# IDIWP100

Price : $25.00

Pocket Clip

# IDIWP101

Price : $20.91


Fine Stainless Steel Scissors. Professional quality bandage scissor

# IDIS1011

Price : $4.50

Dressing Forceps

Stainless Steel Forcepts for wound dressing

# IDIS1012

Price : $4.00

Foot and Body Massager

Multi-speed massage unit works for feet (sitting and standing), hands, back any place that needs relief. Also available with heat.