IMPACT Helathcare Products
We distribute several useful products that we have found to be of high quality:
Water Treatment/Wastewater
Part No.
Polypropylene Yarn Cartridges
Superior, one-piece wound cartridge filters provide true depth filtration, high dirt holding capacity, and extremely low media migration. Available in a wide variety of lengths, porosities, media and core materials.
NPR 5.0 #IDIWF400
Wound Polypropylene Yarn
NPR 5.0 #IDIWF200
pH Meters (pocket testers)
1000 hour battery operated pH testers with range of -2.0 to 16.0 pH, resolution of +--0.1 pH. Waterproof, 0° to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Water Proof

Pocket Clip

Microbial Test Kits
for E.coli & other bacteria
Taste & Odor Testers
for Chemical Processing Water Treatment and Purification
Digital Thermometers
are inexpensive and easy to use. Waterproof, long-lasting.
Medical Supplies
Diabetic supplies
Blood meters are easy to use, take tinier samples than ever before (little or no sensation at all), give immediate results
Lower Leg Exerciser
Gentle swinging motion increases circulation in lower leg area and massages Achilles tendons. Optional infrared, vibration, and heat available with adjustable hand control.
Foot and body massager
Multi-speed massage unit works for feet (sitting and standing), hands, back: any place that needs relief. Also available with heat.
Blood Pressure Monitor Kits
Cuff, stethoscope and meter come complete with zippered pouch.
Hypoglycemia monitor/alarm
Wakes sleeping diabetic patient upon detection of perspiration or decrease in skin temperature during sleep. Helps prevent insulin reaction. Worn on wrist, one button operation, beeps loudly.
Microscopes, assorted
Many optional accessories available, too. These are high quality microscopes that will provide years of accurate use.
Disposable Medical Products
Latex Gloves
thin, protective gloves provide great touch sensitivity; are freshly-manufactured, 100/box. Also shown: digital thermometer
Latex Gloves
XL - #LMG101
L - #LMG100
M - #LMG102
S - #LMG103
Nitrile Gloves
L - #GNL1003
M - #GNL1003
S - #GNL1003
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