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I have been the owner of a daycare /preschool with about 20-24 children for over 20 years. I constantly get cold or flu from these children as the children spread the cold germs or bacteria between each other.

I congratulate you on producing the best sanitizer I’ve ever used. In the past several months, I have tried many hand sanitizers similar to your product and have found none as good and with a nice aroma as yours.

I am not a rocket scientist, but I know that since I started using your Pure Europan stanitizer before and after wiping the Kid’s noses and changing diapers, I have not experienced cold or flu as frequently. Your product is awesome and I just want to express my satisfaction.

I will recommend it to any one who cares for their health.

J. Anderson

I just want to thank you for providing us with an excellent product, Pure Europan.

Not only is the product good in stopping the spread of diseases; it is also excellent in treating small cuts on the hand or leg. It helps the cut to heal faster and helps to reduce scarring. We use it to clean small cuts before applying any other medication.

Martha O.

Pure Europan is an excellent product. A friend of mine recommended this product to me as a germ or bacteria fighter to use at home and in the office. I have been actively using the product for sanitizing my hands all the time. I even carry the product with me everywhere I go, including the park, in the car and in restaurants.

The rate I used to come down with cold and flu has been drastically reduced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have a wonderful product.

L. Paul