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Save money now on quality culture media
Impact Diagnostic International is designed from the ground up to save money for laboratories, clinics, and businesses that need high-quality culture media, dehydrated culture media, and health care equipment.

Using the most advanced methods in the industry, Impact makes its own prepared media in tubes and plates. Impact's Southern California manufacturing facility exceeds the technical specifications and standards set by FDA c-GMP and NCCLS.

By eliminating the middlemen, Impact plans to save you time and money. Impact's team of licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists and Microbiologists are ready to answer customer questions 24/7.


Our goal is to bring quality health care to all countries of the world
Manufacturing quality microbiological media and other health care products enables us to provide export support to underpriveleged countries and to accelerate the improvement in public health conditions in these countries.

MDF Stethoscopes
22K Gold-Plated
MDF® 22K Deluxe Sprague
Rappaport Stethoscope

X-configuration Acoustic Tubing grants MDF® 22K Deluxe Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope the most advanced of the Sprague Rappaport family. Worldwide, it is the most popular stethoscope on the market today, and the top choice of medical professionals...


Sterile Sampling Bags Sponge Sampling Kit for HACCP
TWIRL'EM® Sterile Sample Bags
Jumbo TWIRL'EM® Sterile Sampling Bags
Sterile Blender Bags
FILTRA-BAG / Filter Bags for Blender
Water Sampling Bag with Sodium Thiosulfate Tablets
Rinse Bags for Poultry
Special media requests welcome
If you have an out-of-the-mainstream culture medium need, call us. Our manufacturing facility is organized for maximum flexibility. IMPACT lab scientists will be happy to discuss your unique needs at any time.
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   Testing Media

♦ Corn Meal Agar $1.50/plate
♦ Potato Dextrose Agar
   (PDA) $1.20/plate
♦ Sabouraud Dextrose Agar
♦ Malt Extract Agar with or w/o    Chlorampheicol $1.00/plate
♦ Cellulose Modified Agar
♦ Czapek Yeast Agar (CYA)
♦ Dichloran-Glycerol Agar 18
    (DG-18) $1.25/plate
♦ Agar Plates (XLD Agar) $1.00/plate
♦ Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) with or
     w/o 5% Sheep Blood $.90/plate
♦ Agar Plates (BCYE) $1.50/plate
♦ PLUS hundreds more!

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Anti-bacterial Hand Cleaning Gel
Waterless moisturizing ant-imicrobial gel for quick hand sanitizing, without water or soap. Can be used anywhere.
• Protects your skin against bacteria and dryness.
• Softens and moisturizes
• Helps kill most bacteria
• In go-anywhere 2ml packettes

#IDHCP35 Our Price $4.59
for 35 sterile packettes
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