Our Services

24/7 Technical Assistance

IMPACT Technical Assistance available 24/7 to our clients

IMPACT Diagnostic International (IDI) has assembled a team of licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists and experienced Microbiologists whos duties include answering technical questions from our customers at any time. When you have a question or problem that we might be able to help with, call 909-621-5118. Impact is here to help.

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Guaranteed Quality

Quality is built-in:

Our local media manufacturing facility exceeds the technical specifications and standards set by FDA c-GMP and NCCLS.

Professional Staff:

Our team of licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists and Microbiologists are ready to answer your questions 24/7.

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Fast Deivery

IMPACT has the best delivery in service.

Fast Delivery Time

With local delivery trucks, overnight air express and other rapid delivery services, IMPACT can deliver your culture media faster than other culture manufacturers and distributors. Call us and find out how fast we really are.

No Minimum Order Requirement

You can order as little or as much as your budget allows. We will deliver to you as few as one or two microbiology culture plates or tubes. Now you can buy only as much as you really need and save the rest. This is another commitment from Impact Diagnostic International as we strive to reduce cost for our customers.

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Custom/Exotic Media

Exotic Culture Media:

There are many culture media that have been developed over the years for out-of-the-mainstream uses. When you need an exotic or out-of-use culture media, call Impact. We have the means and the experience to provide it for you.

Custom Culture Media:

The Impact Diagnostic team has experience in many different areas. Should you need unique formulated media made to suit a special situation, you will find Impact Diagnostic able and willing to create it for you–and provide it for you over time as needed. Call us.

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